Garage Tool Storage: Innovative Shop Ideas & Tips

Transform your garage into an efficient workspace. Discover clever storage solutions and workshop ideas to optimize, organize, and inspire your DIY projects.

Getting the tools that you need and when you need them when they’re stuffed together into a drawer or jammed into plastic buckets is tough. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for that issue. By becoming more organized and implementing some sort of tool storage unit in your garage can make your setup look great while also being highly functional. Here, we’ll go over different tool storage and garage shop ideas that you can implement in your home today.

Tool Storage and Garage Shop Ideas

Tool Storage and Garage Shop Ideas

Compressor and Pneumatic Tool Storage

This involves creating a rolling cart that houses a compressor and organizes the associated pneumatic tools. In addition to providing an easy way to store your compressor and pneumatic tool, you also have an easy way to roll it to your vehicle and fill the tires with air.

Crate Storage Locker

This creative storage idea involves using wooden crates that act as custom cubbies where you can store all your smaller hand tools and power tools. Add casters to the bottom, and the locker becomes easy to move around and store in your garage.

Peg Board

For easy storage that allows you to organize your tools in plain sight, hang a sheet of pegboard and use hooks or pegboard holders to secure the tools. To prevent tools such as planes and squares from falling off the pegboard and getting dinged up, bend long pegboard holders into corner shapes that clasp the corners of the tools. Make one corner to hold the right side of the tool and another to hold the left.

Cordless Drill Storage with a Battery Recharge Station

Store your drills and keep their batteries charged with a compact and convenient docking station. The trick here is to provide plenty of outlets to your charger by placing a power strip on the top. Consider adding a drawer to store all your drill bits and other accessories.

Flip Top Storage

This storage solution is ideal for larger power tools that are bulky, heavy and hard to get out, move around and put away. As the name suggests, once you’re done with one tool, you just flip the top cover and use the other tool.

Tool Cabinet with Pegboard

Rather than piling up your tools in a cabinet, consider adding a pegboard to hang your tools and keep them easily accessible.

Portable Pegboard Rack

This storage option utilizes a pegboard rack that you can move around quickly. A pull-out rack makes it easy to see and reach your tools.

French Cleat Blade Storage

This idea involves using a French cleat system to organize tools and other supplies. In addition to being an ingenious way to storage blades and accessories, it can also be customized for tool organization cubbies.

Hand Tool Carousel

Storing your tools doesn’t have to be so complicated. Pack all your hand tools into an instant-access storage unit that spins so you can access each of the tool-holding wings and rotate each arm/wing to access both of its sides.

Simple Nails

This is a brilliant idea involves using simple nails and holes in studs on a wall mounting used to organize hand tools.

Bottom Line

It’s not uncommon to look at your storage spaces with dread because they’re poorly organized. Of course, who doesn’t want well-organized tools and accessories? With the above tool storage and garage shop ideas, you can save yourself time, stress and space. Along with the mentioned tips, garage experts at Space Solutions offers a variety of garage storage space solutions ranging from cabinets to overhead storage to organize every little thing in your garage.