Maximizing Your Garage Space: Tips & Transformations

Unlock the full potential of your garage! From storage solutions to hobby spaces, discover creative ways to optimize and revitalize this often-overlooked area.

Your garage can be a great space for working on big, messy projects, and can offer unique garage storage solutions that your home’s closets may be lacking. If your garage it cramped or cluttered, however, you may not have much room or storage space available. Here are some tips for maximizing your garage storage in Phoenix, and making the most out of your garage space.

Downgrade Your Clutter

Most garages are filled with items that are rarely used, and no longer needed. Before embarking on your garage storage makeover, clean out your clutter. Hold a garage sale, or sell any unneeded furniture, tools, building materials, sporting equipment, or appliances. This will free up valuable garage storage space, and help you organize the items you actually need and use everyday.

Upgrade Your Garage Shelving Units

Garage shelving is key for storage of larger objects. Look for wall-mounted, adjustable garage shelving to maximize your garage storage. You can customize the shelving to meet your needs, and even add more shelving when you need further storage solutions.

Maximize Vertical and Ceiling Storage

If your garage has rafters, they can present a unique and valuable storage solution. You can lay shelving across the rafters, and use them for garage storage of larger items that are seldom used. This is an ideal storage solution for seasonal decorations or sporting equipment. You can also hang storage units from the ceiling to maximize garage flooring space. Another storage solution is to install shelving or cabinets on the garage walls to give you more floor space.

Organize Small Objects

Small items can get lost in your garage, especially when they’re tossed in boxes or just left lying around. Avoid clutter by organizing your smaller items in drawers in storage cabinets, or in compartmentalized storage boxes on your garage shelving. You can even repurpose a wardrobe by installing wheels and allowing it to be a mobile storage solution for smaller objects that you need frequent access to.