Signs Your Garage Door Needs Service: A Guide

Is your garage door acting up? Learn the key indicators that it's time for maintenance or repair, ensuring safety, functionality, and prolonged usage.

Besides your car, think of all the things you store in your garage. Just to make the most of your garage space, think about all that time you spent installing shelves, bins, and organizers to store your tools, Christmas ornaments, your children’s old toys…you even found out how to organize ALL your shoes in your garage! Don’t you think this space deserves some attention, then? How about checking the garage door? You use it every day!

Garage doors are one of the main causes of home accidents leading to hospitalization, with an average of 10,580 injuries per year, which could easily be prevented by contacting a local garage door repair service.

Repairing springs and cables yourself could seriously hurt you, so it is very important to pay attention to the signs that doors give you when they need some TLC. Not only will this protect you, but it will also extend your garage door’s lifespan.

How to Tell if I Need to Service My Garage Door
How to Tell if I Need to Service My Garage Door

How to Tell if I Need to Service My Garage Door

As a garage door owner, I understand that knowing when it needs a tune-up is quite relevant. You might wonder: “How to tell if I need to service my garage door? What are the signs for doors that need service should I look for?”. Keep reading to be able to identify important signs that will tell you when to contact a local garage door repair service.

Excessive Vibration or Shakiness

How to tell if I need to service my garage door if it always vibrates? It’s true that regardless of its condition, garage doors will normally have some extra movement, but you need to check if it is excessive.

A needless amount of shaking and shuddering is a sign of many problems that could worsen, such as rollers coming off the tracks, a loose screw, loose hinges, or any other parts. Therefore, remember to get your garage door repaired if it is shaking more than usual while there is no music.

Makes Some Funky Noises

It is normal for garage doors to make noise, so when does it need fixing? Rusty railings or hinges, faulty opening mechanisms, and uneven garage doors tension could cause noise, so if your garage door is screeching and nothing has scared it, it is one of those old garage signs that demand attention.

If it is your garage door what is playing that funky music, it is time to contact the local garage door repair service.

You Want to Sell Your House

The success of your sale could be affected by an outdated garage door system, as it will affect your property’s appearance. Even if your house is freshly painted, potential buyers will walk away if your garage door is not appealing enough, so consider replacing it to add curb appeal and functionality to your place. This will surely increase your property value and allow you to make a sale.

Old Garage Signs
Old Garage Signs

Old Safety Features

To protect you and your family, be careful to keep your garage door features updated. Remember that this isn’t like your antique china set and safety is important.

Some key safety features that your garage door should have are motion detection, manual controls, auto-reverse, etc. Make sure to test them accompanied for your own safety. Your local garage door repair service can help you by inspecting the safety value of your garage door.

Broken or Worn out Sections

If there is broken or brittle weatherstripping at the bottom of your garage door, it needs replacing. By doing this you will extend your garage door’s lifespan and prevent further weather damage.

Having the rollers working as smoothly as possible is crucial to the longevity and safety of your garage door, so make sure to check them to see if they are chipped, cracked, or worn down.

Does any part such as bolts, wires, or screws seem out of place? Well, it is highly important to get the root cause of why those parts are loose in the first place.

Uneven and Sagging Garage Door

Just like many other things in life, one of the old garage signs could be looking saggy. As a consequence, extreme weather and pests could get inside, affecting your home security. Sagging also makes the door lose its balance over time. Tons of tension and pressure in some areas could turn potentially dangerous. You don’t want to wake up one day to see that your efficiently stored tools in the garage were stolen, do you?

After a while, the door’s ability to open and close could be damaged. Just imagine not being able to leave home for work because your garage door will not open!

Uneven Garage Doors
Uneven Garage Doors

Expensive Power Bills

How to tell if I need to service my garage door with my power bills? Well, one of the old garage signs that tell you something wrong is going on, is noticing that your utility bills are higher than usual. Your bills will be thrown through the roof if your door has worn down, as it will let temperature changes within your home.

New garage door systems use less energy, are designed to seal on the floor properly, and are more efficient in general, so consider that this could affect both your bank account and the security of your home. By replacing your garage door as soon as possible, you will save more money in the long run. Both your heaters and wallet will thank you, believe it.