What Type of Finish Is Used for Garage Cabinets?

What Type of Finish Is Used for Garage Cabinets
What Type of Finish Is Used for Garage Cabinets

As every homeowner, you want to get the best out of your home, and your garage isn’t the exception. Thanks to all your cabinets, boxes, and organizers, you’re able to make the most of your garage space. However, it’s time to give it a new, fresh look.

It’s possible that your color preferences change over time. For instance, when painting garage cabinets, you might like something bold now, and in the future, you may decide to paint garage cabinets in vivid colors or the other way around. In order to make the right call, you’ll probably wonder: “What type of finish is used for garage cabinets?” Well, that depends on what you need.

Keep in mind that whatever your taste is, chances are you can make it happen. Just make sure to follow the tips we’ll give you that will keep your cabinets in good shape and continue looking as nice as they did when you purchased them.

Garage Metal Cabinets vs Wood Cabinets

Depending on the material they’re made of, cabinets look considerably different. Metal cabinets look strong, and resistant, with clean lines and a dazzling shine. On the other hand, wood cabinets have a natural appearance and may match with other cabinets in your home. To choose between these two, it’s necessary to consider your plans for the garage. Wood will be the best choice if you want your garage to look like a natural extension of your home, but if you’re looking for a modern design, then the metal will be the one to go.

Prepare the Cabinet Surface

When you see tutorials where people are painting garage cabinets by themselves, you might feel you’re ready to start doing it too. Nevertheless, there are some steps you must follow to get the best possible result. Get ready to renew all those cabinets that help you store and organize your tools and belongings in your garage.

Empty cabinets and drawers: Even if it seems too much work if you several garage cabinets, it’s necessary to empty all drawers and cabinets to make sure that nothing gets damaged during the process.

Remove drawers and cabinet doors: Be careful not to forcibly remove any drawers or cabinet doors, as you could damage them permanently. It’s not common, but in case you struggle to remove them, consult your installer or manufacturer for advice. Make sure you know where each drawer and door belong in your garage to avoid misplacing them later.

Clean the surface: As the finish could look inconsistent due to leftover dirt and grime sticking under the paint, make sure all surfaces are neat. Before moving to the next step, allow all surfaces to dry.

– Sand the surface: Since a smooth surface doesn’t hold paint in the same way, both metal and wood cabinets must be sanded before painting. For the paint to stick, you need to sand the wood surface and remove the prior finish with moderate sandpaper at about 150 or 180-grit. You can use lighter sandpaper of about 320-grit for your metal cabinets. Once you’re done with the sanding, you can wipe down the cabinets with a damp cloth and let dry.

Painting Garage Cabinets
Painting Garage Cabinets

Choosing the Right Primer

You might think that your new paint will easily cover the old one with a couple of extra coats and that a primer isn’t required. Especially when what type of finish is used for garage cabinets is most commonly metal. Nevertheless, the primer has an important purpose. The most common types of primer are oil and latex, and they’re usually less expensive than paint or stain. Oil primer lasts longer, but latex dries faster. Make sure you choose an oil-based primer if you buy oil-based paint. Also, if there’s a chance your garage cabinets get stained or splashed, consider buying a stain-blocking primer.

Cover the cabinets with the primer and allow it to dry fully. If necessary, add a second coat. Once you’re done, prepare your surface for painting: sand the primer on your wood cabinets or remove the brush marks on your metal cabinets with a scrubbing sponge.

Choosing the Right Color

When choosing the best paint for garages cabinets, decide carefully. Dark or bright colors like red, black, or blue are less likely to show fingerprints or stains on metal. On the other hand, the lighter the color, the more people will see the grain on the wood. To get a more natural look, you could pick a light stain or a bolder shade that gives the garage a professional look.

When it comes to spray paint, you can use it with either wood or metal. Nevertheless, you must look for cabinet painting techniques if you decide on using spray paint on wood to make sure you get a consistent layer. In the case of refinishing metal cabinet, make sure to select specially formulated paint for metal surfaces, so it can stick properly.

Paint Garage Cabinets
Paint Garage Cabinets